Monday, 23 April 2012

Some Western Sydney stories

Recently came across this lovely photo essay from The Global Mail of two refugees from Darfur who opened a successful hairdressing salon in Western Sydney. Their salon has become a bit of a hub for African women (not just from Darfur) to come, chat, exchange stories and get a bit of beauty pampering. Their story highlights themes such as settlement, racism, inter-generational gaps, and gender roles. More importantly, the story illustrates just how diverse and multicultural Western Sydney has become in recent years.

Maybe I should pay a visit sometime and get some corn rows done :)

Another interesting story I found from The Global Mail is about Assyrian migrants in Southwest Sydney who erected a monument to commemorate their people's violent history.

Very interesting stories my new city has to offer!

If like me, you're also interested in the stories of cities and suburbs, here are some other blogs and websites that might interest you:

For Sydney: => a beautiful blog by Louise Hawson who decided that she'd like to know Sydney a bit more and travels around taking photos of 52 of Sydney's suburbs. She's now got a book out too => Sydney food blog. Much needed for a new Sydneysider like myself => interesting things Sydney people wear. Melbourne readers, retract your claws. => a new photoblog by a fellow Melbournian (and Adelaidian, it so happens!) who's trying to get to know Sydney one photo at a time.

For Melbourne: => the writer travels to a different Zone 1 + 2 destination every Sunday using the Sunday Saver ticket and takes funky photos => quite self explanatory, I think => a lovely photoblog by a lady photographer as she meanders around Melbourne streets and suburbs => for all the Fitzroyalties out there => oh yes, very necessary

For everywhere else: => Also by Louise Hawson, this blog is the 'around the world' version of the earlier Sydney one. So far, she's got Istanbul (love!), Hongkong, Delhi and Paris. => A travel blog. I know, I don't really like them either, but this one's quite offbeat, and she tries to get to know some of the more unconventional destinations cities have to offer. And she's funny too. Won Time Magazine's blog of the year last year.

Any other suggestions?

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